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Female-led Movies Overperform at the Box Office


When the Melissa McCarthy led Tammy came out, it made less than a lot of analysts predictions and lead to a lot of disappointed rumbling. This is surprising because the film made a lot of money at the domestic box office, relative to its budget (it cost $20 million to make, and took in a little more than that in just its opening weekend.)

So why were people so disappointed? Probably because Melissa McCarthy’s films have a history of ridiculously overperforming. (The Heat, Bridesmaids, Identity Thief). For Melissa McCarthy, incredible return on investment is the norm. 

When I examined the 100 highest performing films in 2013 and 2012, as well as films released so far in 2014, a pretty clear pattern emerged: female-led films leave male-led films in the dust, once you pay attention to their production budget. Melissa McCarthy is just an extreme example of this trend. I’ve included highlights from my analysis under the read more.

TLDR; Looking at box office take relative to production budget, female-led movies have overperformed for the past three years.

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"The message is clear," Frioli explained in an email to The Huffington Post. "To gather all documents and testimonies of complaints and abuses, reflections and discontent against the abuse and corruption of the border authorities about the Central American migration in Mexico. The portraits and touching, but cruel images reveal the physical scars, pain and humiliation of those who at least once, allowed themselves to dream.”




yep, no problems here!

What is wrong with people omfg

Reminder that awful nerds are legitimately furious at this woman for making youtube videos. Like, all of this, the threats and the constant complaining that’s been going on for literal years, all of it is because she makes videos that amount to “Video games sometimes contain sexist content.”

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11 ways to solve rape better than nail polish

The more we depend on women to prevent rape, the easier it is to blame them when it happens to them. Here’s a look at the well-documented ways we can actually stop rape. Maybe it’s time we invest a little more time and resources into implementing them before we send gallons of nail polish to colleges across the country.

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Because any time spent out of her place in the kitchen is time wasted, right, Tom Corbett?


Photos from DragonCon: Friday, batch 2

So there’s a place in the dealer room selling amazing geek cookies. And Lisa says that it’s proof that if you wish hard enough you’ll get what you want, which in my case is clearly Bucky Barnes in my mouth.

And the Carol Corps meet up panel was this evening. Kelly Sue is, unsurprisingly, an excellent human being. The girls at carolcorpsatl were great and handmade bookmarks for everyone to take home. We laughed. We cried. All my friends got together in our Carol Corps gear and took pictures. The Corps really is one of the warmest, most aspirational corners of fandom. I recommend it and all of Kelly Sue’s writing to everyone.

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it’s so weird that men can make endless misogynistic comments and not have to reassure people that they don’t hate women but when women, especially those in the spotlight, talk about things concerning women they feel an overwhelming need to constantly reassure the world that they don’t hate men, that they love men. 

and by weird i mean a cultural norm to demean women and overvalue men. 

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She pointed out the sexism in video games, so men threatened her until she fled her home

On Monday, Anita Sarkeesian posted a segment titled “Women as Background Decoration.” It examined how gratuitous sexual abuse and violence permeates contemporary video games. By the next day, she had received so many violent threats that she had to flee her home. And these weren’t idle Internet threats — some contained accurate identifying information about Sarkeesian’s home and family, enough for law enforcement to get involved.

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The people who say that there’s no sexism in gaming; do they ever wonder why “trolls” consistently target people who point out sexism and take it to these extremes or is the whole thing just random chance to them every single time?

Wow. I watched this video a few months back, and I had no idea this had happened. I ultimately stopped being an active online gamer due to the harassment. Getting a message saying “hey whore” every time I logged onto PSN. Or being told a variety of sexually explicit things while playing online… it’s exhausting. Poor girl.

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Like do you not realize that 99% of characters are straight (and it’s absolutely not because that’s just coincidentally natural to all those characters) so telling people that characters who ID as straight should never be headcanoned as gay is intensely cruel and spiteful
And saying that none of them should ever come out as gay is shitting on the real world struggles of millions of gay people
Gay people aren’t the enemy and if you think gay people are the enemy there’s a word for that